• Sammys just dyin over there listening to Daym! xD seems like a good guy and cmon haters, a piece of homemade pie directly in the shake, thats revolutionary! Bet it was super official!!

  • You should try cafe Rio when you're in Utah. I use to work there. people go nuts for the food there.

  • he's so fucking fake all he does is get free food and lies about how good it is

  • I wish i lived in a country with a population big enough to be able to have mom and pop shops like this, restaurants on every corner, so much business coming in from everyone due to so many people just being about and wiling to spend money. allowing for shit like cheap good food and stuff like the dollar menu. i live in a country that so low populated, that a fucking Pizza Hutt opened, and so few people ordered from it that it actually had to close down. I live in a town where there's no such thing as a mom and pop shop. we literally have nothing but some realy terrible pizza places run my arabs (nothing wrong with that but im just saying that i love in a country that has VERY low immigrant populations) yet people from Afghanistan and India are owning, running and managing Pizza places with some of the worst most generic pizza's you can think of. I mean Domino's Pizza had to reduce their hours of business due to lack of business. Food is so expensive here it's criminal. I live on a Small Island RICH in Seafood waters on all sides. Yet for instance to buy a pack of pre-packed prawns (like enough for one meal_ it's about 5 euro. (6-7 dollars). In a restaurant a Fillet Steak main course 4-6oz fillet steak is approx 40 dollars.

    My country is KNOWN for it's agriculture and is one of the biggest exporters of fresh agricultural prodcts like Beef and chicken etc. Yet to buy 3 chicken breast fillets in a pack in a supermarket it's 5-6 euro (about 8 dollars).
    to buy 1 fillet stake from the butchers shop could cost you 8 euro (10 dollars or so).

    I need to move out of this fucking dungeon of a country i live in. The Dollar menu you in the US over here, is the 2 Euro menu. (maybe 2.80, 3 dollars?) a double cheeseburger from McDonalds is 2 euro's. 3 dollars. 6 chicken nuggets, 3 dollars. a big mac, regular friest and a regular coke is 7 euro 50, about 9 dollars or so

  • why does it happen that, when daym arrives at restaurants or their owners contact him and give him free food he always likes it ? i think you are sometimes scared to tell people the truth like in this situation.

  • That pie shake sounding real good right now, the crust and all?! Stop playing!

  • Lol his face at the end is so funny!! The longer you stare at it, the funnier it gets.

  • The managers laughing at this dude making a fool out of himself the whole video LOL